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Seminar with Martijn van Hemmen Sensei
to Jul 24

Seminar with Martijn van Hemmen Sensei

The Manchester Dojo are hosting a 2-day seminar with Martijn van Hemmen Sensei, 6th dan. Training will be at the Sugden Sports Centre in Manchester 1100-1700 each day with an hour lunch break.

Martijn has visited Maruyama Sensei in Japan every year for a decade to train with him as well as attending other Aikido Yuishinkai Seminars with Maruyama Sensei. There are few people who know Maruyama Sensei's aikido as well as Martijn does.

Cost per person is yet to be finalised, but we'd estimate £5 per hour. You can keep up to date with the latest news on this facebook page.

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